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Re: [OpenAFS-devel] Re: AFS ... or equivalent ...

***  Please ignore my previous unedited response ***

> --On Monday, January 14, 2008 02:23:47 PM +0000 Robert Watson 
> <rwatson_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> >I'd like very much to get at least the kernel parts of an AFS client into
> >the base system.

I'm not sure how compatible the AFS client is with FreeBSD VFS.  I looked
into doing this at one time, but getting Arla to work was a much shorter
path.  I certainly would welcome any effort; it would give admins a choice
between AFS clients.

I believe the problem in the past with AFS clients has been the lack of
developer time committed to maintaining the clients in the long term.
Certainly it doesn't help to have major VFS rework so often as FreeBSD
has had...  I submitted numerous patches to Arla just to get it to compile
on FreeBSD 6.x, and now we're about to release 7.0 and Arla just recently
works on 6.  It would also help if there was documentation on how to
migrate code away from deprecated VFS calls.  IIRC, the 5.x/6.0 VFS changes
broke a lot of things and yet I still can't find any documentation aside
from reading the diffs and guesswork.

-- Rick C. Petty
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