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Daemon's Advocate article

On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Konrad Heuer wrote:
> Only the very very few ones regretting that Linux has gone this way and
> really liking open source will give FreeBSD a chance.

i regret where linux has gone, at least distros like RH.  but you are
correct, a lot of datacenters are filled with RH instead of *BSD.  some of
it's application support, but with emulation as it is, a lot of it is just
hype.  i love the simplicity (buildworld isn't hard) of FreeBSD and the
control that it gives you.  it is stable, fast, etc...  but i guess we get
back to the old "VHS vs. Betamax" debate.  people often choose inferior
technology with their pocketbooks -- something very frustrating as an