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router and inline proxy problem in FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE

I've been setting up router & proxy in a single machine. With additional
kernel configuration as follows:

options IPDIVERT

and "unsecured" firewall /usr/local/etc/firewall.conf as:

add divert natd all from any to any via sk0
add allow all from any to any

with above configuration and some additional parameter at /etc/rc.conf,  I
can't connect directly from my LAN to the internet or ICMP request to my ISP
or run tracert in DOS box, except the browser which has to be set using
proxy connection first. I've read the official documentation and some
related books both FreeBSD and Squid. but remain the same. is there anything
left? I'm using 2 NIC. one facing the internet (connect to my ISP using
static IP), another facing my LAN.

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