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Re: Support for Fn keys on a Sony laptop

Vishwanathan S V N wrote:

I posted this to the freebsd-mobile mailing list and got no response. Maybe someone from the freebsd-acpi list knows the answer.

I am new to FreeBSD so please be gentle on me, especially if this is a FAQ.

I am running DesktopBSD 1.6.1 live DVD on my sony vaio VGN SZ483NC laptop. I notice that the acpi_ibm module is very feature rich while the acpi_sony module almost feels like a stub. I know that under Linux there has been extensive work to reverse engineer the Fn keys on sony Vaio laptops. See



I am wondering if something similar to that is already available or in the works for FreeBSD as well?

If it not available, how much work would it be to port things over? Is the acpi_sony.c the relevant file to look into?

Unfortunately the same situation we have with acpi_asus module which is actively developed at http://sourceforge.net/projects/acpi4asus/ but FreeBSD port is ancient with very limited functionality. :-(

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