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Re: Crash after undocking Dell Lat. d430

On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 18:20 +0200, Olivier Fauchon wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm running SMP FreeBSD7 on Dell Latitude d430.
> I have dell dockstation (for connecting office display, keyboard mouse ...)
> Last week, I tried to undock the laptop (While working in X session) , 
> and laptop crashed.
> Do FreeBSD support docking/undocking, can you tell me if it's 
> transparent, or if there are commands to run before undocking ? maybe 
> ways to debug it ?
FWIW: I routinely dock and undock my ThinkPad X61. If I do not forget to
unmount ATA drive in the UltraBay, or one of the USB drives, plugged
into the dock, things work rather well. I normally plug my USB mouse
into one of the dock's USB ports -- this does not seem to require any
special handling.

Is it possible that you have something in the dock that does not like
being yanked? I woould recommend starting by comparing output of
'pciconf -l' in both states.

I am tracking RELENG_7 somewhat lazily.

> The dockstation seems to have a 'undock' button which doesn't react 
> under freebsd.
Mine actually does -- it turns off red led and unlocks the laptop.

> Thanks
Alexandre "Sunny" Kovalenko (Олександр Коваленко)

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