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Re: GPU Temperature raise after resume

m_(_dot_)_ehinger_(_at_)_ltur_(_dot_)_de wrote:

i recognize an raise of temperature of the GPU after i resumed my Thinkpad T42 with Ati Radeon 9600 Graphic Chip. Temperature raises
about 10 Degrees Centigrade within 10 minutes.
If i start X temperature drops within seconds to its normal value before suspend ( about 45 degrees centigrade).

I'm using CURRENT from last week. Sorry for the inaccuracy but i have no access to my notebook at the moment.

i hope i am on the right list?

thanks in advance

There must be something in the X server that sets lower power states for the GPU. Video cards are extremely proprietary and most of the intelligence is in the X server, not ACPI.

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