• mailing list memberships reminder, mailman-owner
  • Re: ACPI Sleep on Thinkpad R40, wakeup fails for X11/radeon, Eric Kjeldergaard
  • hp proliant acpi, mgedv online
  • ACPI mpsafe patch, Nate Lawson
  • exclusive sleep mutex acpica subsystem lock r = 0 (0xc14d5300)locked @ /usr/src,/sys/modules/acpi/acpi/../../../dev/acpica/Osd/OsdSynch.c:360, Aurelien Nephtali
  • Re: patch: p4tcc and speedstep cpufreq drivers, Nate Lawson
  • Re: HEADSUP: cpufreq import complete, acpi_throttling changed, Nate Lawson
  • HEADSUP: cpufreq merged, acpi_throttle changed, Nate Lawson
  • Panic on suspend, Filippo Forti
  • Current problem reports assigned to you, FreeBSD bugmaster
  • passive cooling and cpufreq, Nate Lawson
  • is anyone working on software suspend-to-disk and/or -current, KubaTyszko
  • S3 and/or S4 modes for Sony Vaio PCG-v505?, Joe Kraft
  • can't see nuthin', KAYVEN RIESE
  • Thinkpad t42 fn+f3 (Blank Screen), m . ehinger
  • RE: hi need your help, Carlos Vadez
  • acpi battery rework patch, Nate Lawson
  • Strange problems with ACPI/APM on IBM Thinkpad T43, Matthias Schmidt
  • ATI Radeon power management disabled after resume, m . ehinger
  • system resumes by itself after S3, Alexandru Balan
  • More ACPI patch problems.., Eric Anderson
  • Re: bin/83672: acpiconf with remaining battery life and time, Nate Lawson
  • No battery critical warning on Thinkpad t42, m . ehinger
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  • Re: i386/60317: FreeBSD 5.2rc1 doesn't boot with ACPI enabled under Microsoft Virtual PC, Kris Kennaway
  • Re: kern/63666: [acpi] Network card 3c575B do not work after the 5.1 release, Kris Kennaway
  • Re: i386/61703: ACPI + Sound + Boot = Reboot, Kris Kennaway
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  • Re: i386/68219: ACPI + snd_maestro3 problem, Kris Kennaway

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