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Re: cvs commit: src/sys/dev/acpica acpi.c

John Baldwin wrote:
On Wednesday 15 June 2005 04:11 pm, Nate Lawson wrote:

Eric Anderson wrote:

Ok - I've narrowed it down.  A GENERIC kernel will go into S3 just
fine on this laptop.  Removing apic from the kernel will break that.

It is interesting that the suspend path without the apic support causes a hang for you. This should be investigated. Does it work if you have apic compiled in but boot with hint.apic.0.disabled="1" ? Any ideas where to look John?

Not for the !APIC case, no. It would probably be good to get that working first before trying to work on the APIC case. Perhaps the ioapic resume code is using locks when it shouldn't though. Is it not safe to grab a spin lock when intr_resume() is called?

ioapic_suspend: not implemented!
ioapic_suspend: not implemented!

I still think this needs to be implemented although it's not likely to be your problem.

Actually, we already reprogram all the APIC intpins on resume in ioapic_resume() from saved state. There's actually not anything for ioapic_suspend() to do, so I've mostly left this as a marker until the current resume code is tested.

I now see that when it is trying to come out of resume, it panics. I can't see it, and my serial access doesn't seem to work at that point (I booted with boot -h, maybe I should have set some additional options) - but if I type 'call doadump' on the keyboard, it dumps. However, I have no idea what to do with it now that it's dumped :)


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