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kernel panic in atapicam modul if acpi is enabled

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Oliver B. Fischer wrote:
> Dear list,
> if have got a ThinkPad R51 with an internal DVDR (acd0: DVDR
> <MATSHITADVD-RAM UJ-811> at ata1-master PIO4). If I compile the kernel
> with atapicam modul enabled I can only boot without an panic if disabled
> ACPI at boot time.
> The message is:
> kernel type 12 trap
> stoppend at xpt_find_device...
> Is this an ACPI issue or not?

This is likely not an ACPI issue.  Are you running with "options
INVARIANTS"?  My laptop panics on boot without atapicam but with "options
INVARIANTS" due to a use-after-free bug in ata.  I'll try to track it down
when I have time but I don't know the ata code really well.  More of the
backtrace would be helpful also.